Professional Profile

LFO Counseling Professional Profile

My goal in the therapy process is to create a safe place for you that will encourage the communication of conflicts and insight into your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. My hope is for you to find resolution to the issues that led you to therapy, reach your full potential and become more successful in your life pursuits. I strive to provide you with life skills that will help you be more effective in coping with real-life issues.

I work with what is going on in your life now. I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is very action-oriented, practical and rational. At timesĀ our current issues stem from our past as we hold on to those unhealed emotional issues from our childhood and adolescence. If our past is causing us to re-create these fears and pains in our current lives, we must acknowledge this and learn how to let it go. Self-awareness, spiritual awareness, 12-step work, journaling, letter writing, inner child work, feeling reduction work and other techniques are all part of my practice.

I have over 30 years of experience in working with adolescents, children and their families in public education both in Richardson ISD and Highland Park ISD. I worked as a teacher for students with moderate to severe emotional disturbance and as a Personal/Social Counselor for students who were alcohol or drug involved, or who experienced issues regarding trauma, abuse, social and school pressures, over-indulgence, and/or eating disorders. Along with my work in education, I have been in Private Practice working with adolescents, adults, and families for over 20 years. I am currently working solely in Private Practice and have comprisedĀ a resume of group work, workshops, classes and public speaking engagements.